about me

Hi, I’m Danielle.

I’m a wife to one, mama to three, daughter to two, sister to five, and friend to anyone who can be nice…and even to many who aren’t nice. I especially love people who are real and are okay showing up as imperfect humans.

I’m half-Samoan, half-Southern Utahn, and raised as a military brat all over the United States and Germany.

I’m a Mormon, I love Jesus, and I want to be a good person.

I also have a fiery temper and can be a total grouch, especially when I’m pregnant.

I love food, foreign languages, nail polish (though I rarely paint my nails), and I love a great haircut.

I speak Spanish, lots of Italian, less Portuguese, a bit of German, and I still remember a few words from my middle school Russian class like “textbook” and “pencil.” In Samoan, I can say, “Sit down,” and “Be quiet.”

I graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s in Spanish…12 years after I started. I was finally diagnosed with ADD shortly after I started my second year in the BYU MBA program. I’m not sure what took everyone, including me, so long to realize that ADD was what was going on with me.

I like to think I have a refined sense of humor, but I can also revert to a middle schooler at the drop of a hat. I think the phrase, “Your mom goes to college,” can be said almost anytime anywhere and be totally funny. Unless I’m having an argument with my husband and he says it. Then it’s the most unfunny thing I’ve ever heard.

Thanks for checking out my little space of the World Wide Web, where I talk about what motherhood looks like for me, my experience with ADD as an adult, my efforts to overcome food addiction and take care of my body, eating healthy whole foods, and any other thoughts I have on this wonderful, weird experience called life.


Photography by Nate Nelson